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X(2), X(4), X(69), X(193), X(487), X(488), X(2996)

isotomic conjugates of X(487), X(488)

feet of altitudes

Ga, Gb, Gc :vertices of antimedial triangle

infinite points of pK(X6, X193)

points of pK(X6, X12272) (blue curve) on the circumcircle

K170 is an isogonal pivotal cubic with pivot X(69) with respect to the orthic triangle. See CL019.

The isogonal transform of K170 is K171. See also K007, property 8.

Its complement is K168 = pK(X3, X2).

K170 and K200 meet at A, B, C, X(2), Ga, Gb, Gc and two other points with first barycentric coordinate sec(A) ± tan(A). These points are isotomic conjugates and lie on the line X(4), X(8). See ADGEOM, #3773 & sq., 2017-04-27.

K170 and pK(X6, X12272) meet at six points on the circumcircle and three other (not always all real) points on the line X(6), X(1196), X(2056), X(3167), etc.