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X(2), X(4), X(6), X(39), X(256), X(291), X(511), X(694), X(1432), X(1916), X(3978), X(4876), X(6660), X(7779)

Infinite points of the Steiner ellipses

K354 = pK(X694, X1916) is the isogonal transform of K252. See also CL041 and K353. K354 is a member of the class CL043 : it meets the circumcircle at A, B, C and three other points where the tangents are concurrent.

Its pole X(694) and pivot X(1916) are respectively the isogonal and isotomic conjugates of X(385), the G-Hirst inverse of K.

It has the same infinite points as K128 = pK(X6, X385) and K355 = pK(X2, X511) namely X(511) and the infinite points of the Steiner ellipses.

Its isotomic transform is K356 and its G-Hirst inverse is K322.

The third point on the Euler line is X(6660) and the third point on the line GK is X(7779).

The tangents at A, B, C are the symmedians.

See also CL041 and the related K738, K739.