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(b + c - a) x (c^2y^2 - b^2z^2) = 0

X(1), X(8), X(40), X(56), X(84), X(2122), X(2123)

vertices of the extouch triangle

infinite points of K691

M1, M2 on the line X4)X(9)

their isogonal conjugates N1, N2 on the line X(1)X(6)

See explanations in the page K691.

K692 = pK(X6, X8) is tangent at A, B, C to the cevian lines of X(56) and the polar conic of X(56) is the circum-conic through X(8), X(56).

The isotomic transform of K692 is pK(X76, X3596).