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X(98), X(147), X(1281), X(1916), X(4027), X(5976), X(5989)

vertices of the first anti-Brocard triangle T1

A', B', C' : vertices of the third Brocard triangle of T1

The first anti-Brocard triangle T1= a1b1c1 is defined here.

There is one and only one isogonal pK with respect to T1 which is a circum-cubic of ABC. It is K699 which is also a pK with respect to ABC, namely pK(X385, X5989). K699 is actually the fourth Brocard cubic K020 for T1. Its pivot is X(4027) with respect to T1.

See the related K740.

K699 is a cubic anharmonically equivalent to K020 as in Table 66.