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(a^4 - b^2 c^2) x (b^2 y^2 - c^2 z^2) = 0

X(2), X(6), X(75), X(76), X(290), X(325), X(698), X(1502), X(1916), X(3978)

infinite points of the Steiner ellipse

A'B'C' cevian triangle of X(3978)

The first anti-Brocard triangle and the cevian triangle of M are perspective if and only if M lies on K738. The locus of the perspector is K699.

See the related K739 and also CL041.

The isogonal transform of K738 is K789 = pK(X1501, X1691) and its isotomic transform is K128.

K738 is a cubic anharmonically equivalent to K020 as in Table 66.