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X(3), X(187), X(399), X(2070), X(2936), X(5938), X(6000), X(8157)

F = inverse of X(113), singular focus

vertices of the tangential triangle

traces of the tangent at X(110) to (O) on the sidelines of the tangential triangle

K904 is a member of the pencil of strophoids generated by K038 and K039. These two latter cubics are the inverses (in the circumcircle of ABC) of the Stammler and Jerabek hyperbolas respectively.

K904 is the inverse of (H), the complement of the Jerabek hyperbola. See the bottom of page K800 for properties of (H).

K904 is an isogonal cK with respect to the tangential triangle. It is the locus of foci of conics inscribed in this triangle whose center lies on the line X(3), X(64) which is the orthic line of the cubic.

The singular focus of K904 is X(14703).