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X(4), X(20), X(64), X(68), X(12084), X(15318)

infinite points of K003

other points below

Geometric properties :

K928 is a stelloid with radial center X(10606). Its asymptotes are parallel to those of the McCay cubic K003.

It meets the circumcircle at the same points as (K) = pK(X6, P) where P is the reflection of X(3) in X(5894). P lies on K928 and on the lines X(3)X(1661), X(4)X(74), X(20)X(2979), X(30)X(64), X(154)X(548), etc.

K928 is spK(X3, X5894) as in CL055. See also the pencil mentioned in the page K071.