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too complicated to be written here. Click on the link to download a text file.

X(74), X(265), X(1113), X(1114), X(15328)

infinite points of K024

Geometric properties :

K929 is a stelloid with radial center X(15061) and asymptotes parallel to those of K024. Their six remaining (finite) common points lie on the rectangular circum-hyperbola (H) passing through X(476).

K929 meets the Jerabek hyperbola at A, B, C, X(74), X(265) and a sixth point J on the lines X(3)X(523), X(4)X(924), etc. J also lies on the circum-hyperbola with perspector X(115), the center of the Kiepert hyperbola. J is now X(15328) in ETC (2017-11-22).

The third point on the Euler line is rather complicated with SEARCH = 0.764500371343882.


The union of the line at infinity with the Jerabek hyperbola and K929 generate a pencil of circum-stelloids passing through X(74), X(265), J and the infinite points of K024. Each stelloid meets the circumcircle again at two points on a parallel to the Euler line and K024 again at A, B, C and three other points (one at least is real) on a rectangular circum-hyperbola. The radial center lies on the perpendicular at X(15061) to the Euler line.