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X(3), X(13), X(14), X(98), X(542), X(1157), X(1687), X(1688), X(3455), X(5012), X(15554)

Geometric properties :

K937 is the isogonal transform of K440. It is the orthopivotal cubic O(X5012).

Its singular focus is X(2070), the Psi-transform of X(5012), also the inverse of X(5) in the circumcircle.

The orthic line passes through X(2), X(98), X(110), X(114), X(125), X(147), X(182), X(184), X(287), X(542), etc, and X(5012).

K937 meets the Lester circle (L) at X(3), X(13), X(14), the circular points at infinity and X(15554).

The circumcircle inverse of K937 is K947.