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X(2), X(25), X(55), X(184), X(6525), X(6611), X(14583), X(14593), X(17406), X(17407), X(17408), X(17510)

vertices of the orthic triangle

points of pK(X25, X25) on (O)

Geometric properties :

K969 is the isogonal transform of K257 = psK(X69, X76, X6).

K969 is a nodal cubic with node X(25).

K969 is also

• the X(4)-Ceva conjugate of K429,

• the X(32)-isoconjugate of K009, the X(1974)-isoconjugate of K429, the X(14575)-isoconjugate of K555,

• the barycentric products of X(4) and K260, X(6) and K028, X(25) and K935.

Locus properties :

The locus of the Danneels point D(U) when U moves on the circumcircle is K969. Danneels points are defined in the preamble to X(3078) and see also X(8012) -X(8042). (Angel Montesdeoca, private message, 2018-05-29).