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Each cubic is listed under its catalogue number Knnn which is at the same time a link to a description and usually a figure. A list of triangle centers on the curve is provided, either from Clark Kimberling's Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers (centers X(i)) or from Edward Brisse's lists (centers E(i)). Other points will be found in each corresponding page.

A link of the form CLnnn refers to a class of cubics and Qnnn to a higher degree related curve.

Knnn-A, Knnn-B, Knnn-C refer to the members of a triad of cubics, Knnn-a, Knnn-b to the members of a diad of cubics.

The cubics names written in CAPITAL LETTERS are those with commonly accepted names. The other names are of my own choice.


Part 1 : Cubics K001-K280

Part 2 : Cubics K281-K560

Part 3 : Cubics K561-K840

Part 4 : Cubics K841-

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ETC centers on CTC cubics

ETC centers on CTC related curves

CTC cubics on ETC centers

CTC related curves on ETC centers

CTC cubics and various triangles

Various points on CTC cubics and related curves