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Q000 Steiner deltoids

H3 : X(1553), X(6070), X(6071), X(6072), X(6073), X(6074), X(6075), X(6076), X(6077)

aH3 : X(14480)

Q001 Darboux septic

X(4), X(74), X(671), X(895), X(1156), X(1320)

Q002 Euler-Morley quartic

X(1), X(3), X(6), X(15), X(16), X(358), X(1135), X(1137), X(1155), X(2574), X(2575)

Q003 Euler-Morley quintic

X(1), X(2), X(4), X(13), X(14), X(357), X(1113), X(1114), X(1134), X(1136), X(1156)

Q004 Qo, a bicircular quartic related to pK60+ cubics

X(2), X(13), X(14), X(51), X(476), X(618), X(619), X(3258)

Q005 iQo, a circular cubic inverse of Q004

X(51), X(511)

Q006 Yiu quintic


Q007 a circular octic


Q008 a bicircular septic, isogonal transform of Q007


Q009 a bicircular septic related to orthologic triangles

X(1), X(4), X(84)

Q010 a circular central equilateral quintic, isogonal transform of Q009

X(1), X(3), X(40)

Q011 symgonal quintic

X(3), X(1145), X(1312), X(1313), X(1511), X(2028), X(2029), X(2446), X(2447), X(5976)

Q012 Stothers quintic, a circular quintic

X(2), X(6), X(7), X(13), X(14), X(673), X(694), X(6189), X(6190)

Q013 Musselman quartic, a bicircular quartic related with orthotransversals

X(3), X(4)

Q014 a tricircular sextic related to cK60+ cubics


Q015 Lang curve, a 12th degree bicircular curve related with orthopivotal cubics

X(2), X(11), X(13), X(14), X(110)

Q016 Lemoine quintic, a bicircular quintic

X(4), X(6), X(15), X(16), X(524)

Q017 a quintic related to centroids of pedal and antipedal triangles

X(1), X(6), X(6189), X(6190)

Q018 a bicircular octic related to orthocenters of pedal and antipedal triangles

X(1), X(3), X(2574), X(2575)

Q019 a circular quartic related to centroids of circumcevian triangles

X(2), X(3), X(187), X(3413), X(3414), X(5000), X(5001)

Q020 a tricircular octic related to nine point centers of pedal and antipedal triangles

X(1), X(2574), X(2575)

Q021 a bicircular isogonal sextic related to parallel orthotransversals and orthocenters of circumcevian triangles

X(1), X(3), X(4), X(1113), X(1114), X(2574), X(2575), X(5000), X(5001)

Q022 a bicircular isogonal sextic related to perpendicular orthotransversals

X(3), X(4)

Q023 an inversible circular quartic, the isogonal transform of Q038

X(1), X(3), X(36), X(54), X(1157), X(1687), X(1688), X(2574), X(2575)

Q024 a bicircular sextic related to nine-point centers of circumcevian triangles

X(3), X(5), X(1113), X(1114), X(5000), X(5001)

Q025 a bicircular septic related to orthologic triangles

X(1), X(3)

Q026 a quartic related to orthologic triangles

X(1), X(2), X(3), X(241), X(3229), X(5000), X(5001)

Q027 Thomson sextic, a sextic related to orthologic triangles

X(1), X(2), X(174), X(188), X(366), X(5374)

Q028 a sextic related to perspective triangles

X(1), X(3)

Q029 a quintic related to perspective triangles

X(4), X(6), X(54), X(895)

Q030 a bicircular septic related to orthologic triangles, the isogonal transform of Q037

X(1), X(4), X(13), X(14), X(74), X(80)

Q031 a nonic related to osculating circles in isogonal pK

X(1), X(4)

Q032 Point pedal quartic


Q033 X(370)-quartic

X(2), X(3), X(30), X(370) and its five mates, X(5456)

Q034 X(370)-Fermat quintic

X(2), X(3), X(13), X(14), X(370) and its five mates

Q035 X(370)-central quartics

X(370) and its five mates

Q036 X(370)-central quintics

X(370) and its five mates

Q037 an inversible bicircular quintic, the isogonal transform of Q030

X(1), X(3), X(15), X(16), X(30), X(36), X(5000), X(5001)

Q038 an antigonal circular quintic, the isogonal transform of Q023

X(1), X(4), X(5), X(80), X(1113), X(1114), X(1263), X(2009), X(2010)

Q039 a bicircular isogonal sextic related to Brocard line of pedal triangles and to circum-strophoids

X(1), X(13), X(14), X(15), X(16), X(1379), X(1380), X(3413), X(3414)

Q040 a quartic related to equilateral anticevian points

X(13), X(14), X(216), X(1989), X(3163)

Q041 Psi(K005), a tricircular sextic, the locus of foci of orthopivotal pK

X(2), X(110), X(125), X(1054), X(3448)

Q042 a quintic, the isogonal transform of Q043

X(1), X(2), X(13), X(14), X(88), X(3602), X(3603), X(3604)

Q043 a quartic, the isogonal transform of Q042

X(1), X(6), X(15), X(16), X(44), X(3273), X(3274), X(3275)

Q044 Droz-Farny quintic, isogonal transform of Q098, a circular quintic

X(2), X(4), X(671), X(1113), X(1114)

Q045 Parry quartic

X(2), X(8), X(369), X(519)

Q046 McCay butterfly

X(3), X(4), X(20)

Q047 McCay quintic

X(3), X(30), X(36), X(186)

Q048 Psi(K003), McCay tricircular sextic

X(2), X(110), X(125), X(1054)

Q049 Apollonius quartic

X(3), X(15), X(16), X(23), X(111), X(187), X(5000), X(5001), X(6104), X(6105)

Q050 a circular quintic through the points Ua, Ub, Uc

X(2), X(3), X(4), X(13), X(14), X(67), X(1113), X(1114)

Q051 a circular quartic through the points Ua, Ub, Uc

X(2), X(13), X(14), X(616), X(617), X(3413), X(3414)

Q052 a circular quartic through the points Ua, Ub, Uc

X(2), X(3), X(187), X(1670), X(1671), X(3413), X(3414), X(6337)

Q053 axial pK quintic

X(6), X(1989), X(6189), X(6190)

Q054 a bicircular quintic

X(4), X(5), X(15), X(16), X(30), X(5000), X(5001)

Q055 a sextic related to concentric bitangent conics

X(1), X(2)

Q056 a circular quartic through the CPCC points and the Ix-points

X(5), X(6), X(2574), X(2575)

Q057 a sextic related to Table 28 (cevian and anticevian points)

X(1), X(2)

Q058 a sextic related to Table 28 (cevian and anticevian points)


Q059 a quintic related to Table 28 (cevian and anticevian points)

X(2), X(13), X(14)

Q060 a quintic related to Table 28 (cevian and anticevian points)

X(2), X(13), X(14)

Q061 a quintic related to Table 28 (cevian and anticevian points)

X(2), X(13), X(14)

Q062 a quartic related to Table 28 (cevian and anticevian points)

X(2), X(6), X(523)

Q063 a circular quintic related to CL043

X(1), X(2), X(4), X(20), X(1113), X(1114)

Q064 Kosnita quartic, a circular quartic

X(3), X(4), X(186), X(2574), X(2575)

Q065 McCay equilateral quintic

X(2), X(3), X(3413), X(3414)

Q066 Stammler quartic

X(1), X(2), X(4), X(254), X(1113), X(1114), X(1138), X(2184), X(3223), X(3346), X(3459)

Q067 a bicircular quintic related to Table 6

X(1), X(3), X(15), X(16), X(30)

Q068 a circular equilateral quintic

X(1), X(3), X(164), X(399), X(2448), X(2449)

Q069 a circular quintic

X(1), X(3)

Q070 a bicircular septic related to isogonal pKs

X(1), X(20)

Q071 Darboux quintic, a bicircular quintic, the isogonal transform of Q001, the inverse of K172 in the circumcircle

X(3), X(30), X(187), X(468), X(1155), X(1319)

Q072 Neuberg nonic, a quadricircular curve related with Neuberg cubics

X(4), X(30), X(616), X(617), X(621), X(622)

Q073 Brocard-Kiepert quartic

X(2), X(13), X(14), X(20), X(3068), X(3069), X(3411), X(3412)

Q074 X(370)-Soddy quintic

X(2), X(4), X(175), X(176), X(370), X(616), X(617)

Q075 Orthosextic

X(1), X(13), X(14), X(15), X(16)

Q076 Napoleon sextic

X(1), X(2), X(6), X(13), X(14), X(15), X(16), X(110), X(523)

Q077 a circular quintic, locus of foci of circum-parabolas


Q078 a bicircular quartic, locus of vertices of in-parabolas

X(3233), X(3234)

Q079 a bicircular septic, locus of vertices of circum-parabolas


Q080 a sextic, envelope of the directrices of circum-parabolas


Q081 a quartic related with pK++

X(2), X(6), X(187), X(216), X(395), X(396)

Q082 a septic related with areas and pedal triangles

X(1), X(3), X(4)

Q083 a stelloidal quartic

X(1), X(4), X(2635)

Q084 isogonal transform of Q083

X(1), X(3), X(2635)*

Q085 a stelloidal quartic

X(2), X(3), X(4)

Q086 isogonal transform of Q085, a quintic

X(3), X(4), X(6)

Q087 a nodal quintic related with nK0 cubics having a pencil of circular polar conics

X(6), X(44), X(187), X(524), X(1990), X(3284)

Q088 Hilton quartic

X(2), X(3), X(382), X(627), X(628), X(1991), X(3095), X(3413), X(3414)

Q089 a circular nodal quartic

X(3), X(5), X(54), X(186), X(2574), X(2575), X(6150)

Q090 isogonal transform of the Stothers quintic Q012, a nodal quartic

X(2), X(6), X(15), X(16), X(55), X(385), X(672), X(5638), X(5639)

Q091 Thomson quintic

X(1), X(3), X(5373)

Q092 a bicircular octic

X(4), X(15), X(16), X(175), X(176), X(516), X(5002), X(5003)

Q093 a circular sextic related with property 5 of K001

X(1), X(4), X(30), X(125), X(140), X(3574)

Q094 isogonal transform of Q019, a circular quintic

X(4), X(6), X(671), X(1379), X(1380)

Q095 Q[1,1], a quintic related with Table 28

X(2), X(13), X(14), X(99)

Q096 Yiu septic, a bicircular septic

X(4), X(7), X(13), X(14), X(80), X(671), X(1300)

Q097 isogonal transform of Q096, a bicircular quintic

X(3), X(15), X(16), X(36), X(55), X(187)

Q098 an inversible circular quartic, the isogonal transform of Q044

X(3), X(6), X(187), X(2574), X(2575), X(3513), X(3514), X(5000), X(5001)

Q099 X(370)-quartic

X(3), X(6), X(370), X(1249)

Q100 Dergiades septic

X(2), X(7), X(369), X(370)

Q101 Simson quartic

X(6), X(325), X(1515), X(2574), X(2575)

Q102 Turner quartic, an inversible bicircular nodal quartic related with Turner lines


Q103 an isogonal sextic related with orthologic cevian triangles

X(1), X(3), X(4), X(1988), X(3164), X(5374)

Q104 Soddy isogonal sextic

X(1), X(3), X(4), X(175), X(176)

Q105 Montesdeoca septic

X(1), X(2), X(3), X(370) and its five mates, X(1138)

Q106 a bicircular 10th degree curve related with Q023

X(3), X(4), X(143), X(265), X(953)

Q107 a bicircular central and axial quartic related with orthotransversals

X(107), X(125)

Q108 a tricircular sextic, locus of foci of rectangular circum-hyperbolas


Q109 a quadricircular octic, locus of vertices of rectangular circum-hyperbolas


Q110 a binodal circular quartic related with K073

X(4), X(13), X(14), X(30), X(54), X(265), X(3585)

Q111 a quintic related with X(370)

X(3), X(4), X(370), X(1263), X(2992), X(2993)

Q112 a circular quartic similar to Q002

X(1), X(6), X(13), X(14), X(399), X(2574), X(2575)

Q113 isogonal transform of Q063, a circular quartic

X(1), X(3), X(6), X(64), X(2574), X(2575), X(5373)

Q114 Napoleon (second) sextic

X(3), X(4), X(265), X(517), X(621), X(622), X(1337), X(1338), X(2070)

Q115 a circular quartic related with Table 53

X(1), X(2), X(20), X(485), X(486), X(1323), X(3413), X(3414), X(5000), X(5001)

Q116 a circular quartic

X(2), X(17), X(18), X(550), X(3413), X(3414), X(5000), X(5001)

Q117 a circular quartic

X(2), X(4), X(3413), X(3414), X(5000), X(5001)

Q118 a circular quartic

X(2), X(376), X(3413), X(3414), X(5000), X(5001)

Q119 Psi(K002), a bicircular quintic

X(2), X(110), X(111), X(125), X(543), X(1054)

Q120 NPC isogonal transform, a circular quartic

X(59), X(249), X(250), X(2065), X(10419)

Q121 an acnodal unicursal circum-quartic

X(1), X(19), X(3375), X(3384), X(9219), X(9275)

Q122 Montesdeoca bicircular central quintic

X(1), X(3), X(30), X(36), X(40), X(2077)

Q123 Psi(K001), a bicircular quartic

X(2), X(13), X(14), X(15), X(16), X(110), X(125), X(618), X(619), X(1054)

Q124 Wallace quartic

X(2), X(75), X(92), X(253), X(1031), X(2580), X(2581), X(2998), X(6189), X(6190), X(9473)

Q125 a stelloidal circum-quartic

X(3), X(74), X(265), X(2574), X(2575)

Q126 a stelloidal circum-quartic

X(3), X(30), X(476), X(523), X(1113), X(1114)

Q127 a stelloidal circum-quartic

X(3), X(511), X(512), X(805), X(1379), X(1380)

Q128 a stelloidal circum-quartic

X(3), X(513), X(517), X(901), X(1381), X(1382)

Q129 a stelloidal circum-quartic

X(3), X(4)

Q130 a stelloidal nodal circum-quartic

X(3), X(4), X(2071)

Q131 a stelloidal circum-quartic

X(3), X(4), X(20)

Q132 a stelloidal circum-pentagonal-quartic

X(3), X(4)

Q133 a stelloidal circum-pentagonal-quartic

X(3), X(3307), X(3308)

Q134 a stelloidal circum-pentagonal-quartic

X(1), X(3)

Q135 a circular quintic related with Q003, Q050

X(2), X(4), X(13), X(14), X(1113), X(1114)

Q136 isogonal transform of Q050, a circular quartic

X(3), X(4), X(6), X(15), X(16), X(23), X(2574), X(2575), X(7712)

Q137 isogonal transform of Q135, a circular quartic

X(3), X(6), X(15), X(16), X(2574), X(2575)

Q138 Grebe circular isogonal sextic

X(2), X(3), X(4), X(6), X(13), X(14), X(15), X(16), X(30), X(74)

Q139 a bicircular quintic analogous to Q016

X(6), X(15), X(16), X(524)

Q140 a circular quartic through the X(5)-anticevian points

X(1), X(2), X(3), X(15), X(16), X(17), X(18), X(39), X(2896), X(3413), X(3414)

Q141 a circular quartic through the X(5)-circumcevian points

X(3), X(54), X(2574), X(2575), X(6759), X(13557)

Q142 Salmon quartic

X(1), X(6), X(15), X(16), X(32), X(385), X(2243)

Q143 Brocard quartic

X(1), X(2), X(6), X(15), X(16), X(39), X(512)

Q144 a quartic related with K1068

X(2), X(6), X(3231), X(5000), X(5001)

Q145 a quartic related with K1069

X(6), X(55), X(902), X(2590), X(2591), X(3513), X(3514)

Q146 a circular quartic related with K1065

X(3), X(4), X(69), X(2574), X(2575), X(5000), X(5001), X(5167)

Q147 a McCay quartic related with K1065

X(3), X(523), X(5000), X(5001), X21444)

Q148 a septic related with isogonal pKs

X(1), X(2), X(3), X(1113), X(1114)

Q149 a circular quintic

X(2), X(13414), X(13415), X(24646), X(24647)